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Loyalty/VIP Cards

Loyalty/ VIP cards

Using tatty old laminated cards to keep a TAB Card for a guest or even your VIP Guest?

Talk to Schmick Cards about the best ways to improve your image and keep your valued clients happy. Schmick can work with your existing POS Supplier to make sure your new cards are set to go straight out of the box.

Do you only need 25, 50 or 100? Schmick Cards have a solution for that too. Generic base cards with your LOGO that will work with your current POS system. And, for less than you think.

Romanos Basketball VIP Card
Romanos Ladies VIP Card
Romanos Netball VIP Card
Romanos SIRU VIPCard
Romanos VIP Card
Loyalty VIP cards
Shooters VIP Card
Shooters Ladies VIP Card