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RFID Solutions

Do you have a RFID controlled environment?

Schmick has a wide range of:-

  • RFID Cards
  • RFID Tags
  • RFID Medallions
  • RFID Key Fobs
  • RFID Wristbands – PVC, Fabric, Paper, Nylon or Silicone
  • RFID Laundry Tags

RFID activated systems are clearly the way of the future.

What is RFID Solutions?

Radio Frequency Identification Device
RFID products contain small chips that acts as an antenna, allowing quick scanning of the product. This quick scanning can aid in ridding your event of any bottle necks, from trying to scan a barcode at a certain angle or continually swiping a magnetic tape.

They are quickly replacing magnetic tape cards because they are more durable and have far greater writing cycles.

Want something different for your employees to wear to activate their use of your POS Systems? How about a colourful band in a popular watch style.

Having a conference with RFID access why not try a RFID wristband printed with your Logo and we can even add your sponsors.

Uses and Benefits:-

  • Access Control
  • Identification
  • Waterproof
  • Moisture proof
  • Shockproof
  • High Temperature Resistance

For more information regarding our RFID products please visit our FAQs page.

RFID Watchface Look Wristband G02
RFID Watchface Look Wristband G09
RFID Nylon Wristband
RFID Plastic Wristbands
RFID Livestock Ear Tag
RFID Paper Wristband
RFID Paper Wristbands Colour Range
RFID Personalised Wristband G04
RFID PVC Simple Silicone Wristband
RFID PVC Wristband 2
RFID PVC Wristband Look PVC02
RFID PVCWristband PVC07
RFID Silicon Wrist Band Blue
RFID Simple Wristband Silicone R04
RFID Key Fob Animal
RFID Childs Wristband PVC10